The Coffee Mug

I was talking to a guy at work today in the kitchen. I could not help but notice the coffee mug he was using. Quality mug. It had the Beretta logo on it. No words just the logo.

Having quite a few items at home that carry the same logo it was very easy to spot.

I commented, "Hey, nice mug."

The comment instantly resulted in a big smile. "Yep, my favorite mug. Got it at the factory in Maryland." He proceeded to tell me about his tour, his favorite Springfield and Glock mugs too.

We talked about shooting and hunting and eventually got back to the mug.

He said, "My favorite thing about this mug is that it is an easy way to find other shooters."

--I love this idea. I will be mug shopping at the next gun show!!

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Karen said...

I want that mug!