My $.02: Training

I have been reading a ton about training lately.

There is a lot of training to be had out there. I have had a few courses myself. Courses like Hunter Safety, Basic Handgun, Concealed Carry, I even had rifle training as a teen. I recommend that everyone take a couple classes, spend some time with an instructor on the range, really learn a good foundation for safety and good shooting habits.

Classes should be followed by practice. Just do it. Weekly if possible. That is the training we all need. Practice, practice, practice…

Here is what I don’t recommend:

Beware any course that pretends that they will train you “Tactical Assault” techniques. Trust me. You cannot learn how to clear a house with your fancy AR-15 like a SWAT team in one day.

You are not that pretty.

It takes hundreds of dedicated hours to train effectively for that kind of wet work. A kind you will probably never need. Done right, a carbine class could be fun and safe, but it’s not training. Real training. Just fun entertainment. Maybe not even that if it is not safely done.

Here is what I do recommend (practical):

  • Basic Handling of Firearms for Beginners – Intro to the 4 rules, Bullets go in here, come out here.
  • Hand gun live range work, form, and fundamentals – Tips you can use as you practice on your own
  • Hunter safety – Special situational safety like how to climb a fence or tree stand
  • Rifle Training - range work – sighting in a scope, benching, various stances and methods

--Train to be safe. Admit that some kinds of “Training” is just entertainment. Make sure even that is safe.

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