The Henry AR-7

I have been thinking about my brother a lot this week. (he passed away)

We use to love going camping and doing some shooting. He only had 2 guns and one of them was an AR-7.

We must have run about 10,000 rounds through this guy. The sights and trigger are really bad but the way it breaks down and stows in the stock makes it a great camp gun or a survival cache rifle.

It's even waterproof when stowed.

I bought one myself years later. The trigger and sights are improved.

--Good Stuff.


Murphy's Law said...

Got one myself. Love it.

Old NFO said...

I need to get one... Good truck gun!

CanSome said...

I don't know shit about guns. Where the hell do you find all this cool shit?

Bubblehead Les. said...

And you can shoot down Bad Guys in Helicopters with it! Just ask James Bond.