Sudden Death

My brothers service was yesterday and the dust is beginning to settle.

This whole thing has me thinking about prepping for my own unexpected demise. Every now and then I look at the worse case scenario and prepare for it. As far as guns are concerned, if I were to die expectantly, The only guns that present a problem are my Class III items. My heirs are not allowed to posses them. In fact they would be required to surrender to the County Sheriff as soon as possible.

To mitigate that, I need to set up a Living Trust for the Class III items.

I have the name of a local attorney that specializes in Living Trusts. Once one is set up my wife and children will be able to possess my Class III firearms without violating the law or having to pay another transfer fee. I will document that process as I kick it off in the future.

--My brother didn't have any NFA controlled items. He did have guns though.  


Julie said...

Sorry to hear about your brother. And yes, making plans are a sensible thing to do.

JB Miller said...

My wife and I are putting together a file called "In the event of my death".

It will contain all the info needed. Insurance info, organ donation guidance, wills, retirement fund accounts, funeral desires, all kinds of decisions that will save our survivors heartache.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Sorry about your Brother. I think getting that 20 gauge Double restored would be a Fine Tribute to him.

As to Estate Planning, there's another Ugly but Necessary Issue you also need to take into Account. That is, what would happen if you were Permanently Incapacitated, like a Coma. My Mother, who is a Retired Nurse, used to have to deal with Family Members who didn't know what to do when they were told that their loved ones weren't coming home. Limited Power of Attorneys, DNR's, who takes care of the Kids if Both Parents are Hurt, etc.

Once you get the Legalities Done, make sure you have the Hard Copies kept in a Fire Proof Safe that's Bolted to the Floor, and electronic copies on Multiple Thumb Drives also, plus some off-site storage. Safe Deposit Boxes (at least up here in Ohio) are Sealed and Bank Accounts can be Frozen until a Probate Judge unlocks them.

Hope this helps.

Broken Andy said...

My wife and I have already done some estate planning, but we need to update things. I would recommend consulting a lawyer who specializes in wills and probate issues. There's a lot of ground to cover in this area.

Old NFO said...

My condolences for your loss.

MSgt B said...

Sorry about your brother.

The AF took care of a lot of that stuff all those years I was in. I need to go back and review where we are now that I'm a civvie again.

Come out to the Museum of the Confederacy (Appomatox) on the 31st and collect that lunch I owe you.