Part 4: The Waiting

Gemtech Blackslide 45
Four months ago today, I began a new series of blog posts: How to Buy a Supressor

I have gone into detail on everything I have had do to buy a new suppressor for my Glock 21. 

The gun shop where I bought it does a lot of Class III business. Here is what I have done already:
  1. I filled out a simple ATF Form 4 and provided my Drivers License. 
  2. Five minutes later they had printed off, and signed, three copies for me to sign. They included them in a packet with instructions and fingerprint cards.
  3. I paid for the suppressor. Just the suppressor.
  4. They boxed it up, labeled it and put it in the safe.
  5. Obtained two passport photos.
  6. Obtained two finger print cards.
  7. Submitted the forms for signature by the County Sheriff.
  8. Sent in all the forms with a check for $200.
  9. Wait...
All of it was mailed in December 15. I am hoping to have it in hand by BAG day on April 15th.

--That was it for today. Next up: Two passport photos.


Old NFO said...

And in Finland you can buy one in the hardware store and take it with you, no forms required... sigh

TheHeir said...

Thanks for detailing this. Please do a final write up with the whole process. I would love that.