My heart is not in it this week. It's been 10 days since my brother died and I still find myself staring into space. I am back to work. Still catching up after being gone for a week with no prep.

Better content is coming soon. I have a new custom shoulder holster for my Beretta 96D. I have some range to coming. I have to run tests on the Tec-22 and my new Magpul flip-up sights for my JR Carbine. More on all that later.

This weekend I plan on taking another new shooter to the range for the first time. Jamie will be number 32 on the the list. She is 20 years old and never fired a gun ever. We will start with the .22LR hand guns and work up to at least 9mm.

--I will have the .44 mag in the bag in case she is really into the recoil. It's happened in the past!


Broken Andy said...

I hope your spirits lift.

Good on you for taking a new shooter to the range.

Laura said...


Anonymous said...

This too shall pass! I promise.
My friend Mark passed away Feb 1. Knew the man 15 years. He was like a brother.
Tough stuff!
gfa aka guffaw