I bought one of these iScope adapters for my iPhone 4s.

This thing works crazy good but I would like to add a few notes.

This rig is perfect for my Ruger 10/22 with a fixed 4x scope. Love it. What it is not so good with is my bolt action .308 rifles. The recoil is just to high on those rigs. But that is just fine really. While I can happily sit up and pull the trigger on my 10/22 with no worries, the .308 need to be shouldered and tucked tight.

My favorite use of it by far is on my spotting scope. I LOVE that! Looking up with just a glance. You can actually do a little digital zooming. You can record the actual shooting. You can even FaceTime the live action elsewhere.

I have a great 60x spotting scope. Combined with this it makes sighting in a scope so much easier.

--Don't be watching your neighbors! No one would ever do that!

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