Random Thought Saturday

I finished writing my Scifi Novel this week. It has been sent to the editor. The word count is 121,285 and is 544 pages in MS Word. That was some fun!

Started Book 2 already.

I didn't read Facebook for a few days and didn't miss it at all.

Turning the night vision off me security cameras can result is seriously creepy images sometimes. Especially when my son is outside with his laptop...

One of the nurses with Ebola is now in a hospital close to me. Stocking up on Spam and 9mm. I wish the .22LR drought was over!!

I want to buy another Glock 17. Two is one and all that.

Might have to go skeet shooting today. I just kind of have that itch.

Still going to the November first Blogshoot. You should as well. No I am not wearing a kilt to this one.

I would like to remind the Obama Administration that the Constitution was written to restrict the Government, NOT the people.

I love the new season of The Walking Dead. Guns are getting way better for the Zombie Apocalypse.

--Yes, I stole the random thought blog post idea from another blog. I like it.

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Old NFO said...

Congrats! NOW the fun starts... NOT... Editing is such at PITA... sigh