NRA Gun Gurus

I was a member of the live audience for two episodes the TV show NRA Gun Gurus Live!

Well, it was filmed before a live studio audience.  It  did not broadcast live like the Squirrel Report! The episodes will not broadcast until January.

It was really fun to see the process of the show being made. It was hilarious watching the hosts crack each other up or flub their lines.

The show is kind of like the Antiques Road Show for guns! They make it fun for the audience. They had a ton of food and drinks and even desert and coffee. We clapped a lot on queue and the producer was great in the way he worked with the crew, hosts, guests and audience.

They filmed two episodes that evening. They changes shirts and ties between the eps.

It show is sponsored Henry Repeating Arms. Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Firearms, was there as a guest talking about the history of the lever action rifle. He is very proud that Henry Rifles are all Made in the USA. I got a free hat!

These were the last two episodes of the season.

--I will go back if invited again!  Big Fun!

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