More stash options

Hiding your firearms to keep them handy is getting more and more popular.

The photos on the side here I saw in Lots of good options and DIY projects can be found there.

There are also more and more manufacturers of hidden storage solutions for guns and other valuables. The latest one I have seen is called Covert Furniture.

I wish I had my Grandfathers huge roll top desk. We use to love to lay down on his desk and close the roll top and then eat his stash of malted milk balls he kept in a hidden compartment. Sometimes he'd catch us and lock the top close for a while and pass us notes through the mail slots.

This lesson tells us that if you have small kids, hiding stuff doesn't work, so train those kids about gun safety.

--Now I want some classic malted milk balls! Happy Halloween!

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Old NFO said...

Oh yeah, roll tops and kids... sigh...