WANT: Rossi Ranch Hand

I have been cruising firearms that are not typical items in my gun safe.  Rossi makes this lever action in many different calibers. The Rossi Ranch Hand comes in .38spl/.357, Colt .45, and .44mag.

I like having multiple tools that can take the same caliber ammo. The .357mag round, combined with a 12 inch barrel actually makes this compact carbine able to be used for deer hunting. These iron sights are good for 100 yard shots even though it is technically classified a handgun. Price is nice too.

Specs from the Rossi website:

Model: RH92-51121 Status: Available Caliber: .38SPL/.357MAG
Capacity: 6 Shot Barrel Length: 12” Action: Lever Action Repeating Pistol
Finish: Matte Blue UPC: 6-62205-98507-2 MSRP: $536.00
Weight: 4 LBS

--Plus that whole Firefly thing...


Anonymous said...

Neat. I thought those were custom.

Mike W. said...

Very cool! OF course if I bought one that'd be yet another new caliber I'd have to stock.

Andy said...

Yeah, there is something very appealing about this gun. It just says cool. And like Mike W, if I got one that would be yet another caliber I'd have to stock. My wife is getting a little tired of that.

Anonymous said...

Very cool indeed. However, unlike the video I saw, you cannot spin the gun and chamber a round. The round flies out. this also happens with the Rossi Model R92-56006. Very disappointed in this feature. The Winchester Model 94 trapper with the Wrangler loops works just fine.