Body Armor

Every gun show I attend there is usually a couple vendors that are selling body armor. Not just simple vests either. They sell Kevlar helmets, Army surplus flak jackets and even shields. Even Amazon sells armor, vests and helmets.

There has been several innovations in body armor in recent years. Dragon scale styles, ceramic plates and new carbon fiber based armor. Google is a huge rabbit hole if you are interested in body armor. Not all vests are rated the same. Some are good for hand gun calibers only. Some are good up to .308 rifles. Some say that they can even stop a .50bmg (yeah right) but I bet you will still have a very bad day.

I was amazed to discover that body armor is restricted/disallowed for civilians in some places. It is a felony in some cities to own it. Other states require a permit to buy it and wear it. Dumb.

UPDATE: Maryland currently only restricted convicted criminals from possessing body armor. And don't commit a crime wearing any! There is proposed legislation restricting it further. Good catch guys.

--Yet another reason to love Virginia.


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Love the picture!

Anonymous said...

Actually maryland does not require a permit for a normal citizen to own body armor.

People who have been convicted of a
crime of violence or a drug trafficking do need a license.


Maryland law mandates that all persons with a prior CONVICTION for a crime of violence or a drug trafficking crime are
prohibited from using, possessing, or purchasing bulletproof body armor without a permit issued by the Secretary of the
Maryland State Police.

NOTE: A permit to use, possess, or purchase bulletproof body armor is not required for persons not convicted of a
crime of violence or a drug trafficking crime."


-- SID