Zombies Have Invaded the Range

You can find them at almost every range now. I have seen them on TV and on the Internet.

No not actual shambling Zombies. The next best thing! Zombie Targets!

I actually like the targets. A lot! They put a little light hearted fun into head shots. Kids love em! Look at the first target above as an example. You could practice "hostage" shooting. Very practical. Head shots are way more fun. Zombie Brides! Zombie Osama bin Laden!

I have seen how the survivalist community has also adopted the Zombie Apocalypse as a theme for practical preparedness. It makes it easier to talk about. Easier to write books like The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. There are also a ton of forums. Fun Stuff.

--I'd still shoot the damn Teddy Bear!!

1 comment:

Jay G said...

You go ahead and shoot it - I'll finish it off with a bayonet charge...