You Can't Blame the Gun

Sometimes people decide to do premeditated mass murder and/or suicide. Once that is decided, they decide on the tools they will use. Some mass murderers do a better job than others.

Some buy five gallons of gas and a book of matches.
Some make bombs they strap to their chests and get on a bus.
Some fly planes into buildings.
Some kidnap children and cut their throats or strangle them.
Some take a hunting rifle and climb a tower or lie in their trunk.
Some drive SUVs into crowded bus stops.
Some poison over the counter foods or drugs.
Some use Glocks on unarmed crowds.
Some push people off platforms in front of trains or off bridges.
Some rib stab random people in crowded subways.
Some park full school busses on train tracks.

You cannot blame the tool. Cannot blame the airplane, the SUV, the gasoline, the train, the bus, the gun, the rope, the knife or the rat poison. The responsibility lies with the murderer alone.
Once the insanity has driven them to decide to mass murder, they will, they always have, they will continue, they will find a way.

--I'm fat. I cannot blame my fork...

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