WANT: Drozd Blackbird

The creative peops at Drozd first delivered the first practical BB machine gun now bring us the Drozd Blackbird.

Like the original Drozd machine gun, the Blackbird uses both CO2 and battery power. Unlike the original, it offers selective fire (300, 450 or 600rpm), and the ability to use bulk-feed CO2, variable burst mode (1, 3 or 6 BBs).

 A Mod Chip is available to convert it to single shot, 3 round burst or Full Auto.

This looks like a really cool pile of inexpensive fun! There are a ton of options available too.

--The guys in the video are knuckle heads but the gun looks like a ton of fun!


rick said...

I shoule be getting this via UPS tomorrow..........http://air-ordnance.com/product_info.php?products_id=938&osCsid=de2d05d821501c4f46a078e927ea9123
I already have a filled tank and 2 tins of pellets

rick said...

lets try that page again- sorry............

copy and paste to your browser- sorry I could not get the link to hyper post