Here is what I would do.

If your goal is to reduce gun violence here is what I would do:

1) Start educating children about firearms at an early in a positive way. Demystify them. Teach small children how to tell the difference between a real one and a toy. What to do if they find one unattended.

2) Train kids in the history, function and proper safe use of all the various types of firearms at the earliest age possible. Use classroom and range time.

3) Encourage shooting as a sport. (my elementary school had an indoor rifle range)

4) Provide concealed carry courses for seniors in high school to have them highly trained for gun ownership as adults if they desire.

Demystifying and getting detailed, true, information regarding firearms will go a long way to reducing all kinds of violence in this country. Kids will be safer and have fewer accidents. 22 year old, 105 pound girls, will be trained to protect themselves and 285 pound gang bangers will know that that 105 pound girl can defend herself. So he behaves.

Don't make anyone own one. But if they decide to own one make sure they know how to use one. Safely and ethically.

--This would make our world safer.


K. Erickson said...

This may be an impertinent comment, but I know I've seen it elsewhere before: teaching the gang bangers to shoot straight should eliminate innocent bystander shootings as they will be hitting their intended targets.

JB Miller said...

Gangs kill each other for the most part.

I know someone that is an ER nurse. She says that almost all the accidental discharge injuries are gang members. No trigger discipline.

Silvia said...

I think this is a great plan. We teach our kids to swim. We teach them to drive. We teach them to be safe so they don't drown themselves or others or run people down.

Anonymous said...

Best idea ever.