She Wants a Gun

Emily Miller Wants a Gun
Emily Miller lives in Washington DC and writes for the Washington Times.

She is doing a series on her efforts to get a gun in DC.

In her first installment on Oct 5th, she began:

"I want a gun. I don't feel safe living in Washington, D.C. and want to protect myself. I'm starting today by going down to City Hall to find the gun permit office to tell them, "I want a gun." This series will follow me as I navigate the city bureaucracy and outdated rules in order to legally buy a firearm."

She continues on Oct 6th:

The D.C. Gun Registry office is not where you go for help getting a legal gun; it’s where you go to get more confused by bureaucracy.

Follow her on Twitter or the Washington Times as she navigates the mire of bureaucracy.

--Emily, if you need someone to take you to the range. Let me know. I would be happy to take you.

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StanO said...

Thanks for the link! I will be following her saga!