Guns and Geeks are an Excellent Combo

500x magnification on a microchip
I read an article in WIRED about microchip art and I never thought there would be gun content!!

Considering the expense, precision and difficulty of manufacturing computer chips, you would think the engineers designing them are pretty serious people.

But it’s not all business inside a chip fab, as these microscope photos reveal. In fact, the designers of microchips frequently hide tiny cartoons, drawings and even messages alongside the super-tiny circuits and semiconductors they create.

Chipworks, a company that analyzes microchips by peeling them apart and looking at them under microscopes, has discovered many examples of silicon art. We’ve selected a few highlights here from the firm’s extensive galleries of silicon art, but check the Chipworks website for more.

The images in this gallery are magnified 200 to 500 times.

--Guns! They are everywhere! Even in your microchips...

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Oh, Great! Now the BATFEIEIO will demand that Microchips need to be placed under their Control, Sarah Brady will demand that they be only allowed in the hands of the "Select Few", and I'll need a separate CCW to carry my cell phone!