Everyone needs one of these

Mossberg 500
This Mossberg 500 was one of the first firearms I purchased back before the Internet.

I have two barrels and three stocks for it because way back then I used the same shotgun for everything. I used it for hunting, for skeet shooting, for home defense, and for backpack camping. I even have a backpack sheath for it that uses standard molly straps.

The original stock, the pistol grip seen in the photo and a folding stock make combined with two different length barrels give me tons of options.

The flashlight makes it a great home defense tool. I can simply squeeze the grip and the light comes on. Buckshot lands nicely in the center of the flashlight beam. Everyone should have one of these close at hand.

--The funny thing is I paid more for the Surefire Tactical Flashlight than I originally paid for the shotgun.


Anonymous said...

You can get these, minus the tac light, in a waterproof tub for under $300.

You are right. Everyone should have one. My wife likes shooting it better than one with a shoulder stock.

Great blog, btw. On my daily list! I love RSS feeds.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Having owned a Mossy 500 and a Smith (both with the Top Mounted Slide Safety), my next 12 gauge is going to be an 870. I really like a pistol Grip /Full stock combo, but having to reach up and move that safety during Speed Drills just throws me off. YMMV, of course.

JB Miller said...


Many people have to have the safety on ALL their long guns in exactly the same place. It's a good idea for many reasons.

Mine all seem to be in various places.