Manassas Battlefield Park

It was beautiful last weekend and the wife and I took a walk in Manassas Battlefield park. It is a great park for fitness hiking so we set out, got our annual passes and took about a five mile hike.

Cannon were everywhere.

Lots of good gun content just sitting around the park. I wonder what it would take to restore these cannon to full working order after the Pending Zombie Apocalypse starts?

Millions visit the Manassas Battlefield every year. All the people traffic have turned the deer fearless. If only they knew... Who I really was... or where those, hundred or so of their, friends and family have really gone...

As we wandered around the park we came upon three deer who looked at us like they had never seen anything less interesting. Little did they know I had my Beretta Px4 Storm .40cal on me. Good thing for them I was not hungry.

Below is one of the many trail signs.

Notice the everso slight modification:

Earlier this year the ban on carrying firearms in the park was lifted. Some poor Ranger was dispatched with a pocket full of Sharpies to modify hundreds of signs. Nice job.

--I love taking America back one dumbass law at a time...

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Sandy said...

I love the marker thing.