Remington Vantage 1200

My brother has squirrels in his attic. He's not nuts, but will be soon if he doesn't get them out soon.That or his wife will murder him in his sleep because they have driven her crazy.

Ever since their dog has gotten too old to chase the deer and squirrels away the damn things have taken over. Then one day he heard the words all husbands long to hear, "Don't you dare come home without a gun."

His plan started with a gallon of ammonia and a piece of one inch cotton rope to use as a wick. He put it in the attic to drive the squirrels out with the vapors. The he got a gun...

Here is what he got:

 Remington Vantage 1200 in .177  
I have not tried it yet, but I already want one. I have a target pellet pistol. Fun stuff.  You can buy 1000 rounds of .177 for $12!

Buy Vantage 1200 on Amazon even!!

--Funny thing is he says it has more recoil than my silenced .22LR.


Bobby Nations said...

Your brother will need to be careful, as the pellets might exit his attic unless his house is clad in brick. The vantage is a lot more powerful than you might think. I have the Ruger AirHawk, which is slightly less powerful, and it will send pellets through my backyard fence if I miss the target. The power also makes the gun much harder to shoot accurately b/c of the extremely long lock times of spring-piston airguns and the diabolo pellet's inherent instability when fired anywhere close to the speed of sound (roughly 1100 fps). In truth, your target pistol is probably the better choice, or something like a Daisy 880. Live and learn. If he wants to upgrade the trigger, this one is an excellent option:

JB Miller said...

He shoots them outside. Never in the attic. Good advice.

Bobby Nations said...

Ah. Much more fun that way. :-)

Has he had much success?

JB Miller said...

Got about 10 so far. Including the ones that seemed to be nesting in the attic.