The Magazine

The Magazine
The wife and I are planning a romantic weekend in colonial Williamsburg sometime this spring.

The place really drips in history and is one of the few tourist attractions that have not gone all the way to plastic, made in China, cheesy tourism.

They have a ton of gun history there. Huge collections of firearms on display. They have a real working gunsmith shop that makes revolutionary war era guns from scratch with classic methods.

The picture on the right is of The Magazine. This very historic building is where weapons and ammo were stored. It became of critical importance in the revolution. Go visit and/or Google up the story.
  • Built in 1715 by Governor Spotswood
  • Stored equipment necessary for protection against Indians, slave revolts, riots, and pirate raids
  • Dunmore ordered emptying of arsenal and disabling of the muskets
  • Spark of revolution ignited here
  • Events at Magazine in 1775 mirrored events of revolution in Massachusetts
  • Magazine used for multiple purposes after government moved to Richmond
  • Association for Preservation of Virginia Antiquities formed as a result of effort to restore Magazine
It's interesting to imagine the factors that led up to the writing of the second amendment. This building helped shape the rights we enjoy.

--It's a must stop for and gunny that enjoys history. (or romantic weekends with beautiful wives...)


Guffaw in AZ said...

I've been there. Great stuff!

Old NFO said...

Good link and good info! Thanks!

Mad Saint Jack said...

Don't go this weekend.

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