Rugers SR1911

Finally a 1911 that is configured exactly the way I want it, right out of the box, without any need for upgrades or mods after the fact:

--$799 retail and street price will be even lower! Can't wait to handle one.


Andy said...

You and I think alike. I was all set to buy a 1911 this year, but finding an affordable, reliable, American-made 1911 is not easy. I had pretty much talked myself out of it. But the SR1911 is changing my mind.

JB Miller said...

I have an RIA 1911 and learned a lot about them through that one.

It's name is "The Biter".

I was constantly getting hammer bites from it until I had it customized.

I have since determined the frame size, the stainless materials and finish, the sights, the trigger, the hammer and fan tail I like.

As well as the simplified, back to basics internals.

Right out of the box!

Marty said...

I just handled one. Oh man. I have got to start saving up!