When Things Really Heat Up

ArmaLite AR10B Rifle
Armalite AR-10B

One of the things I like about the NRA Range is that they will let you mag dump. Rapid fire a lot of ammo continuously. Even a mag dump on my AR-10B. Mag dump 12 mags, in a row, non stop in less than 5 minutes.

The test was intended to see if it would have any failures when it was really hot. When the Killer Robot Uprising hits I wouldn't want a problem.

The good news is that 240 rounds shot quickly had no failures at all. The accuracy of the rifle did not degrade at all. I was surprised that my own accuracy didn't degrade after getting hammered 240 times.

The bad news was the fore grip became so HOT I was unable to touch it at the end of the test. Not just the Barrel, the grip. The first and last mag was done from a sandbag. I mean HOT. This was not good.

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The way I mitigated the heat issue was a an adjustable grip on the hand guard. I am amazed how much more comfortable it is to shoot as well. I usually don't have the quick attach bipod on the rifle.

About the AR-10B:

"Built as a tribute to early ArmaLite configurations, the ArmaLite AR10B rifle is truly a classic. With the unique charging handle in the carry handle and brown Sudanese-style furniture, the ArmaLite AR10B rifle has all the classic features of original ArmaLite AR10s with modern upgrades and feel. Sporting an elevation scale window, the ArmaLite AR10B rifle also features:"
  • Caliber: .308/7.62mm
  • Barrel Length: 20” Chrome lined
  • Total Length: 41”
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs.
  • Rifling Twist: RH 1:11.25”
  • Sights: A2 Front Sight Assembly
"The ArmaLite AR10B rifle also offers a two stage tactical trigger, a hard anodized aluminum and manganese phosphated steel finish, and a spring loaded automatic ejection port. The ArmaLite AR10B rifle is a high-quality, vintage-style firearm." 

--JayG will be glad to know that I DO have the bayonet!!


Andy said...

You bringing the AR10b tomorrow?

JB Miller said...

If you want to try it I would be happy to. Here is the list:

AR10B .308
Saiga SGL12-03 12ga
Beretta 96D with Suppressor .40
Ruger Mark III With Suppressor .22lr
Remington 590 .22lr (virgin new)

Any other requests? .44mag? Glocks? my 1911? Bring Ammo!!

Andy said...

At some point I'd like to get a .308 rifle... just haven't decided if I want to go the semi-auto route or bolt action. But don't bring it especially on my account.

I'll pack some extra .22LR and .40S&W. I'll be bringing my FN 57 and my AR15. I need to get the BUIS on the AR15 sighted in. The last time I tried that the groupings were all over the place. I think it was an ammo thing -- 55gr with 1:7 twist. So I'll be bringing along a collection of heavier ammo to see what works. I might call on some of your expertise in this area, if you don't mind.

Ian Argent said...

When I went there on thanksgiving there was a guy either doing a really fast semi-auto mag dump or was rocking and rolling. Which, by the range rules, requires notification of the RO prior to doing so, but that's about it.

Looked like he was having fun, too.

JB Miller said...

I always like to discuss activities with the range officer. They will keep an eye out to ensure you are in control and your rounds are in the back stop.

Ian Argent said...

It's good idea, but as of Thanskgiving, it was black-letter rule as well.

Anonymous said...

what in the world is an "elevation scale window"?

JB Miller said...


Good question. I have a new camera with excellent macro capability.

I will take pics and post the answer tomorrow!