Looking at slings for my AR15 and AR10

For many years I have used the same kind of slings on all my rifles. Your standard two point sling. Mounted in the front and back. Great for a shoulder carry.

I just got a new single point sling.

Single-Point Slings
Not limited to use only with ARs, single-point slings are one of the most commonly used types of slings in Law Enforcement and Military environments.

They usually contain some kind of elastic material so that you can move your slung weapon freely and comfortably without having to make any adjustments to the sling itself. The weapon can bounce around if not secured.

Many rifles need mods to install a loop to attach the sling in the right spot.

Two-Point Slings
Two-point slings are most common among hunters that just need a plain sling to carry their AR or other hunting rifle around. This type of sling can also be used as a tactical sling as well. This config is one of the oldest style of slings. I have a ton if these slings. Most of my rifles have them. Several have handy quick detach couplers, Some have slip style adjustments. Some are just plain belt style.  I have many. When hunting in particular a sling is a must have when you have to walk a good distance. Those bull barrels get damn heavy!!

Three-Point Slings

There are even three point slings. They seem too complicated to me. I like the Keep It Simple Systems (KISS).

Sling Mounts
If you plan on using a single-point sling on your AR-15, you’ll need the appropriate mount if your rifle does not already have one. Here is a Yankee Hill Ambidextrous Carbine Sling Mount, pictured to the right.

A good sling, a good holster, a good pair of boots and a good carrier for your spare mags.

--Oh and a good knife!


George in AZ said...

A good Woman...who could be a carrier for said spare mags, when otherwise not engaged (just kidding)

Tam said...

FWIW, two-point tac slings like the VTAC and Vickers have become a lot more common these days.

The problem with a single-point (which is what I use still) it that it'll catch your gun when you let it go but it doesn't really offer any help with shooting or carrying the gun over any distance.

Since I'm not planning on carrying my carbine any distance or needing to shoot it much past 100yds, the single point is fine for me.

I'd probably avoid the large loop snap-ring mounts; those loops can give you a heck of a bruise doing transitions. VLTOR and Blue Force Gear make pretty low-profile ones that work really well.

Andy said...

Excellent advice from Tam. I think those single point slings became all the rage for CQB.

Tom Lindsley said...

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Thomas "Top" Lindsley
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