Trijicon Night Sights

Yesterday I forgot to mention that my Glock 21 has Trijicon Night Sights.

If you have never tried Tritium sights, try not to. If you do you will want them on all your firearms. In low light situations they are the best I have tried so far.

These are not cast, they are made from milled steel and they must be installed by a gunsmith. Don't go cheap on the gunsmith either.

They don't change the profile of the gun and they add so much utility they are worth it.

--Remember, Zombies are most likely to attacked in the dark!

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Tam said...

Truthfully, in most instances "cast" or "milled" doesn't make a lick of difference in sights.

Glock factory night sights are Meps; and some people prefer Meps because they have larger white dots surrounding the vials.

One place I'd definitely recommend Trijs is on SIGs, which are known for having sight channels on the narrow side of spec.