Design Features Planning

I am beginning to design the architecture of my next AR-15. I learned a lot building Alice, my current AR-15. She is pretty much the kitchen sink. The bull barrel, LASER, Tac light, EOTech, 3x flip in magnifier, metal quad-rail all add up making her heavy.

The next one will be light. Low weight will be the theme. Below is the setup I am thinking of so far.

I like the fore grip because of barrel heat and squeeze activation for a dot scope. Add flip up sights, light adjustable stock, light barrel and the carbine is done!

Let me have your recommendations. I like the DPMS I have but there is nothing to compare.

--Name recommendations are welcome as well!


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

My commenters speak highly of Stag

Mad Saint Jack said...

I know nothing about ARs, But for light weight I would look at the Carbon-15 line.

Quad rails add a lot of weight. Troy Industries has a light weight rail that you can see in this video:

An alternative is the Kel-tec 223 SU-16C which weighs 5.8 lbs.

(Ok, so I'm a nutnfancy fan... sue me.)

JB Miller said...

T-Bolt, The Stag looks about right. Gotta find one to hold.

MSJ, I like the Kel-Tec as well. Fun stuff.

Tam said...

"squeeze activation for a dot scope"

There is no way I know of to "squeeze" activate an EOTech or Aimpoint.

If you are using an Aimpoint, don't worry about "activating" it; just turn it on and leave it on and replace the batteries once a year when you replace the ones in your smoke alarm. Even a comparative energy hog like an older ML2 will give 10,000+ hours of continuous operation with the illumination cranked to "7".

If you're using some Chicom budget dot, all bets are off.