My Wife's Father Died Yesterday

My wife's mom died last Spring. Like many couples that were married over 50 years, the spouse soon follows. May he rest in peace.

I only have one gun related story that includes my father-in-law. I posted it long ago. It's worth repeating today:

We were cleaning out a closet looking for paperwork and cleaning in general and there it was. It was a 20ga single barrel shotgun. Cobwebs and dust fill and covered it.

We asked him about it. Forty years ago, the family dog had badly bitten a neighbors small daughter. On the face.

My wife's father went to the local hardware store. Bought the shotgun and five shells. He came home and as the Sheriff watched, loaded the gun and shot the dog.

A few minutes later he cleared the empty shell and put the shotgun in the closet.

There it stayed.

--I have that shotgun now. Waiting to be restored.


Stew said...

Sorry to hear that, man. Please give my condolences to your wife.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Ol' Yeller gun

George in AZ said...

My condolences to you and yours.