EOTech 512

Last fall I finally put together an AR-15. I named her Alice.

One of the best parts of Alice is her EOTech 512 Tactical Holographic Sight. Target acquisition with a holographic site is so easy. Law enforcement and the military use them everywhere. Perfect for any Killer Robot Uprising or Zombie Apocalypse! If you have to have a battery operated sight, one that takes regular AA batteries is great.

Alice also has a nice 3x flip in magnifier. It still uses the EOTech for sighting in but increases the range nicely.

I would have preferred a Trijicon - ACOG but I cannot afford one yet. I will have one one day.

An EOTech makes a perfect accessory for the ladies.(see photo) Does that help Loki, JayG?

--Please note: You can get all of the at Amazon now. When did that happen?


Anonymous said...

Why is the elevating cheek pad a bad idea?

JB Miller said...

If you raise the cheek pad at all it gets in the way of the charging handle.


Anonymous said...

What? No Bayonet?