Back Up Guns

I like to carry a Back Up Gun (BUG).

Most of the people I know that do carry don't seem to carry a backup. Typically I will carry my Kel-Tec P3-AT or my Beretta Bobcat in an ankle holster.
When I wear my standard Dockers or other pants that have a reasonably wide pant leg the gun cannot be seen at all. I usually wear them on the inside.

I also have a fanny pack holster that sometimes serves as primary and other times as secondary. My Kel-Tec also goes in a pocket as a backup sometimes.

I normally don't carry extra mags for the BUG.

I would like to get a full size 1911 for primary and my compact 1911 as the backup! Share mags!

--Now I need a Derringer!

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Jen said...

My PC-AT with the clip is perfect in my Cowboy boot.