The Thunder

Years ago, I was hunting one day on a 400 acre farm and a few hours after I got into position it began to rain.

I didn't want to get soaked and I wasn't sure how long the rain would last.  So I took advantage of a huge John Deer tractor that was parked right in the middle of the field. It was the kind that had the big enclosed cab.

I climbed in and sat in a very comfy seat. I cracked open the windows a bit so it didn't fog up in there and waited.

A beautiful deer slowly broke cover, never looking at the tractor twice. It  was coming right for me, my heart was racing with involuntary buck fever. I waited and watched for it to get in the perfect position, in front of the crack in the window and my barrel sticking out. When it was about 60 yards away, (an easy shot for my Savage 110FP and a 12x scope) it turned and gave me a perfect profile shot.

I pulled the trigger.

Two things happened. The deer dropped with a perfect heart shot and my hearing turned to a whining test pattern tone.

--Damn. A .308 is loud in an enclosed space.


Anonymous said...

You should wear ear protection while hunting. I have muffs with mics. try that.

Lew said...

When using 7,62 indoors, we in the Swedish army have to use earplugs AND peltor ear-muffs. Tell you what, you stand next to an FN MAG and a couple of G3s and not use earpro!