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Virginia: Governor McDonnell Approves Changes to Allow Lawful Carry of a Firearm in State Forests!

Governor Robert F. McDonnell has approved changes to the Virginia Department of Forestry’s Virginia State Forest Regulation 4VAC10-30-170 which will permit law-abiding Virginians to carry a firearm in State Forests. These changes will allow for both the lawful carrying of concealed firearms by those who possess a concealed carry permit, as well as open carrying for anyone in lawful possession of a firearm. 

The new language to the Administrative Code is below:

4VAC10-30-170. Explosives, firearms, etc.
No person shall bring into or have in any forest any explosive or explosive substance. This regulation shall not apply to the lawful carrying of firearms and firearm ammunition.

Within 14 days of the Governor’s approval, the Governor must submit the final regulation to the Virginia Registrar of Regulations. Once published in the Registrar, a final thirty-day adoption period begins and a public comment forum opens. After the final thirty-day adoption period closes, the regulation becomes effective. 

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