Why do political assassins always have three names?

"The government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar."

--Jared Lee Loughner


Arthur said...

I think it's a byproduct of reporting an assassination. In trying to figure out the 'why' they have to figure out the 'who' starting with "was this John James Doe, or John Jingleheimer Doe we're talking about".

By the time the media frenzy is over the name has stuck.

JB Miller said...

I think it comes from childhood. When ever we got in trouble we always had three names.

Ask any parent.

JB Miller said...

Speaking of parents: I believe Jared Lee Loughner is the one to blame. If you want to blame anyone else, start with his parents who failed to teach him kindness, respect for life and the beliefs of others. No other factor even comes close.

Anonymous said...

You are all analyzing it way too much.

It is simply to avoid confusing the gunman with other people of the same name.

Ex. there are many John Boothes. But there are not many John Wilkes Boothes.

Anonymous said...

It's lawsuit avoidance. Seriously.

The news media can be sued for using someone's name without permission, unless that name is already part of a public record. Arrest reports are public records, and they contain the suspect's full legal name. So that's what gets printed.