Range Report

I went to the NRA HQ Range this morning because of over crowding there yesterday. It opened at 8:30am. I wanted to get there first thing. I arrived at 8:37am. I was number 32 on the list. You have to understand that there are only 15 lanes. That means I did not get to shoot until 10:30am.

I blame all these uppity women crowding the place.

I will not complain too much because tactical pants and bare midriffs is my favorite look on women half my age. Especially when it includes a 1911s or Glocks as their jewelry.

My main goal was to sight in the new scope for Squirrels Bane. It took about 20 rounds to zero that scope in at 100 feet. It's a 3x to 9x zoom. A tac driver. I really need to air it out at 100 yards or more. But for now it will do. Bane is a Ruger 10/22 with an integral silencer. It's been upgraded with a lot of tactical plastic, grips and banana mags. People always notice it. The old guy in the lane next to me today said, "Son, that's just wrong." Referring to how quiet and accurate Bane is.

Alice went along too. I adjusted the flip in 3x today and synced the LASER with the EOTech. I asked the range commander if it was OK to shoot from the hip using the LASER. He said, "Sure, if you let me try it!"

Man that is fun.

I also ran a box through my Glock 21 as usual.  I did some holster draw drills. Never missed. Gotta speed it up though. I am kinda chicken though. Would like to find a class to teach me before I fix bad habits.

I have been chatting with Andy and TBolt about meeting there on Feb 20th to have a Blogger Shoot. Then a tour of the NRA Firearms Museum and Lunch!  Let us know if you would like to join in!

--Friends, Firearms, Food and Fun! 


Anonymous said...

Looks like about $7000 worth. My damn car didn't cost that much.

Brigid said...

I am SO ready for the doc to give me the OK to hit the range with the AR's and the Panther Arms .308 tactical. This firing the remote is getting old!.

Anonymous said...

ARs are a good place to start, Brigid. Light recoil, easy to handle. I bet the panther Arms .308 kick a bit more.

Andy said...

What make of collapsible stock is that on your AR? Just curious. Looks like ATI.