Command Center Upgrades

The Miller Command Center is getting a big upgrade.
  • Paint the walls.
  • Add shelves, floor to ceiling on two walls.
  • New lighting. 
  • iPad that controls Comcast.
  • Systems all upgraded to Windows 7 and re-networked.
  • MP3 server with 4.5TB of storage.
  • Full compliment of HDTV, BlueRay and On-Demand programming.
  • Four camera surveillance system. (soon to be expanded)
  • Solar powered lighting.
  • Uninterrupted Power System expanded to five hours.
My ability to continue my daily Blog surfing and commenting will now be greatly enhanced by the use of Lava lamps and On-Demand movies.

Once the Killer Robot Uprising or the Pending Zombie Apocalypse hits I will be ready. Just remember, you have to read the Matrix raw. It's the only way is appreciate the blonds, brunettes and red heads.

--I will need a cool "In Case of Zombies Break Glass" Frame!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Bet you have a nice power bill.

Nathan said...

Robots and lava lamps is kinda awesome.