MOVIE: Resident Evil : Afterlife

Just finished watching Resident Evil : Afterlife

The Miller Rating: 7 of 10

Possible spoilers below after the Firearm list.

Lots of major guns to love in this movie. Here is the list from the Internet Firearm Movie Database:

1 Dual 12-Gauge Sawed-Off Shotgun
2 M4A1 Carbine
3 Heckler & Koch MP5K
4 Br├╝gger & Thomet MP-9
5 Smith & Wesson Model 460V
6 Magnum Research Inc. Mark XIX Desert Eagle
7 Beretta 93R
8 Beretta 90Two
9 Colt Python
10 SIG-Sauer P230
11 Taurus PT92
12 Beretta 92FS

The latest addition to the Resident Evil franchise had some great guns but the plot was kinda weak. It opens up with a scene that simply clears up where the last movie ended. I kinda wish they had made the entire movie out of that one piece. The plot potential of several super Alice babes was enormous. Total waste of several potentially hot, clothes optional, Alices all at once!

Oh Well. Another cliff hanger set up for the next one which I will also buy on DVD for the collection.

It had a Gun Cache. I love Gun caches.

And I noticed for the first time a mistake in IMFDB. They left out the two guys with the Barret .50cals in the beginning.

-- I still say the word when I see Milla Jovovich. "Multi-pass"

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