Has anyone ever tried these?

12 GA Mini-Buckshot Aguila Box 20 rds

1 3/4" Mini 12-ga shotgun shells. Minibuck shot loads with 7 pellets of 4Buck and 4 pellets of 1Buck at 1200 fps. Low-recoil and a great choice for home defense. 

"Works well in Winchester 1300 and FN shotguns. Remingtons and Charles Dalys may require some modification. Mossbergs require some elevator modification. There is some success with this load in a Benelli Nova."
--Does size really matter?


Mad Saint Jack said...

I tried some mini- slugs in my Mossberg many years ago. IIRC I canted the gun 45 degrees to get them to cycle.

They where fun to play with, low recoil, and took my 590 up to 13 rounds, but I wouldn't mod my gun for them.

If you have a Win of FN shotgun test them out.

I think these would be really cool if someone made a Winchester AOW.

JB Miller said...

I was thinking they might be nice for my wife or daughter in a double barrel for a low recoil option.

Mad Saint Jack said...

They should work fine for that.

Anonymous said...

The mini shells won't cycle in most shotguns. I tried a bunch in my mossberg. They fired fine but don't cycle.

I think they would be ok as a first round in a pump gun. JB's idea as a low recoil option for a double is good.