John R. Lott

This may be old news to the 3 people that read this blog but I stumbled across this great book this week: More Guns, Less Crime - Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws
 John R. Lott Jr., is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute who argues in favor of allowing Americans without a criminal record to own and carry guns.

"...the evidence is that, with more than 2 million defensive guns used each year, guns are used at least four times more frequently to stop crime than they are used to commit crime."
In his book More Guns, Less Crime, he presents statistical evidence for his claim that allowing adults to carry concealed weapons has significantly reduced crime in America.

Lott claims that selective reporting by US media fails to report instances of people defending themeselves (or others) via legal use of guns.

--This is common sense to me. Basic common sense.


Mr. Casey said...

Is that a roll call? I read your blog every day there's a new posting and have for a long time! Keep it up, you've got fans!

JB Miller said...

Thanks, Mr. Casey.

Good to hear. I have been inspired by meeting up with a few fellow blogger face to face.

I am enjoying it.