Lasers and Dry Firing

My Beretta 96D has an internal LASERMAX site installed inside the main body of the firearm. I Love the LASER and it is spot on when I use it.

One thing that it is great for is dry fire training.

First off, when dry fire training, recite the 4 Rules. Actually say them out loud. Clear your gun, twice. Dry fire targets should be something safe. Not your cat, not the bottles on your bar, not the neighbors tires out the window. THE 4 RULES!

My 96D has a very heavy trigger pull. Dry firing with it has really helped me with trigger control. The LASER is a great way too to show if you are staying on target as you are pulling the trigger. It should be a smooth pull all the way through with the LASER staying firm on the target.

LASERS make a great training tool. They give you feedback and help you establish muscular memory.

--Batteries are cheaper than ammo...

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Anonymous said...

So after I read this post I tried it with my J-frame with the lasermax grip.

I cant believe the amount of movement I had initially.

Need to practice.