In Case of Zombies Break Glass

I have seen a ton of these getting emailed around the Internet. I got the one on the right sent to me today by a friend I was trying to talk into watching The Walking Dead.

It got me to thinking. What would I put behind the glass from my gun room?

  • A Katana. It's quiet and you never have to reload.
  • My Ruger 10/22 with the integrated silencer and nice scope. Ten 25 round mags.
  • My Ruger Mark III with integrated silencer. Ten 10 round mags.
  • My Beretta 96D with suppressor. Ten mags.
  • 1000 round box of .22LR.

If I could only have one hand gun behind the glass:
  • Glock 9mm, Mounted Tac light, Suppressor and ten 30 round mags.

What I would NOT have behind the glass:
  • Any kind of shotgun.
  • Any kind of single or double barrel anything.
  • Bolt action rifles.
  • Revolvers

AR-15s would be good but you cannot carry as much ammo. AR-10s are GREAT rifles but when it comes to Zombies it's like killing a fly with a sledge hammer.

(Elmer Fudd voice=on)
--It's got to have good range, high capacity, and be very very quiet. We're hunting Zombies...
(Elmer Fudd voice=off)


Stew said...

I usually see short shotguns. Not cool.

Christopher Smith said...

The framed rifle is really awesome. Looks like my range rifle! I want one so I don't have to risk getting it stolen by a robber if I display it. Where can I pick one up?