Thinking about a new collection

When I was a kid I had 2 Crosman BB guns.

One was a rifle and the other was a handgun. I really enjoyed the guns for many years when I was a kid. They were great for shooting pop cans. BBs cost next to nothing and you could buy 1000 of them in a milk carton style cardboard container at the local Hardware store.

It is good to learn the 4 Rules early.

Anyway this weekend I was antique shopping with my wife looking for a manual meat grinder. I saw the exact BB gun I had as a kid. I didn't buy it because it was not functional. But suddenly I started seeing classic BB guns everywhere.

They were priced from $5 to $150 depending on condition and vintage!

--I may have just found a new hobby...

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Wilson said...

Looks like a cool new hobby, but I don’t have room in the house for another hobby, or the money either :(