The Year in Review

It has been a great year for The Miller on many fronts. I got to go shooting a lot this year. I read a lot of good books. I purchased several firearms and a mountain of accessories.  I was gifted a family heirloom to restore. I met a ton of good people. And maybe most notably, decided to give Blogging a more serious shot.

Patriots: Surviving the Coming CollapseBooks I read and liked and had guns in them:
  • One Second After was a book about the aftermath of a simple EMP attack.
  • Patriots is in the same vein and revolves around a group that had a plan in advance.
  • Alas Babylon is a classic cold war era classic.

The Firearm Purchases:
  • Beretta Px4 Storm: .40cal Pistol. This is my current favorite handgun. It shoots better than my Glock or 1911 and has the best feature sets from both.
  • Beretta Cx4 Storm: .40cal Carbine. It takes the same mags as the Px4 and is the best iron site rifle I have at 100 yards.
  • DPMS AR-15: I got a basic flat top DPMS and upgraded the hell out of it. The lessons I learned will help me build my next one myself!
  • Remington 597: This impulse buy was a bargain I could not resist and is perfect for starting shooters.

The Northcoast Blogshoot:

This fall I had the pleasure of attending the Northcoast Blogshoot. It was organized by Breda and friends and took place in Northern Ohio. In addition to an excellent day of shooting I got to meet some really great people. People I am glad exist in the world. I started reading their blogs daily and even listening to BB and Guns Radio. Fun stuff.

I got serious about Blogging:

Finally and maybe most notable is my decision to get serious about this blog. While I have had the thing up for several years, my posts were random and infrequent. Meeting other people that blog daily has inspired me. I am closing the year out with 100 daily posts in a row.  I find myself running in greased grooves. We shall see how long I can keep it up!

Looking ahead:

So what do I have planned for 2011? I want to take some more training. I might buy a few more guns from my want list, maybe buy some upgrades for existing guns. I will build up my ammo. Find a few bargains. I will probably restore an heirloom shotgun. I might even build another AR-15 from scratch now that I know what I am doing (kinda).
Mostly I will continue to enjoy shooting sports. Spending time with my wife and kids, at the range, in the woods or in my home theater and then blogging about it with humor, rage or amused indifference.

--Have a Happy New Year! In 2011 be safe, enjoy life, be glad you live here and now.

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