Florida School Board Meeting Shooting

I saw the entire video today. I am kinda pissed off at the media at how badly they misrepresented these events. First off, the hero here was an armed guard in the room, not the cops. I wish someone on that board had been allowed to be armed. The Superintendent Bill Husfelt was made out to be a whiner begging for his life when in fact he focused the gunman on himself. He is a brave man.

Clay Duke obviously was attempting "Suicide by Cop". The Superintendent was actually even trying to talk him down from that very thing. He didn't shoot the crazy woman with a purse. When he finally opened fire he missed on purpose.  The guard, Mike Jones, who had standing orders not to act until the cops arrived, opened fire.

I cannot believe how much time went by and the cops STILL had not arrived.

--When seconds count, help is just minutes away...


Anonymous said...

yep. suicide by cop attempt. did himself in though in the end.

LisaM said...

I'm glad no innocent people were hurt.