The Collection: Kara

The first time I saw a Beretta Cx4 Storm was not in a store, a gun show, the web or in a magazine.

It was on Battlestar Galatica  on the SciFi channel.

Eventually I saw one in person and got the details.  I had been on the lookout for years for a carbine that had magazines that could be shared with a matching handgun. I ended up buying one and the matching Px4 handgun. both in .40cal and both take the same magazines.

I can hit a paper plate (or Zombie cranium) every time at 100 yards with Kara (named after Kara Thrace).

It only weighs about 5.5 pounds. It has a top rail for scopes and other goodies as well as small side and bottom rails.

The matching Px4 is my current favorite handgun. If I have bought this first I probably would have one in .45 and on in 9mm in stead of the Glocks I have.

--Excellent carbine. Excellent set. Excellent price...

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I want that.