Why the AWB is failing

Here is the biggest reason: FACTS

In 2011 the FBI stats show there were 323 murders committed with rifles of any kind. That's right only 323 ALL YEAR.  See table 8. Tell Joe Biden that more murders were committed with shotguns than rifles.

In fact if you look at Table 11 you can see that more people were murdered with shotguns, hammers or clubs, bare hands and knives than the rifles they are trying to ban. Five times as many murders with knives.

Table 8 also shows the steady decline in murders of all kind. Even though sales of  Military Style rifles have skyrocketed. With tens of millions more ARs and AKs in civillian hand why is violent crime falling?  Even if you don't credit the increase in gun ownership with the drop in violent crime you cannot in anyway say that more guns equals more violence.

But what about Sandy Hook?

--That tragedy is about how our society deals with insane people. All the talk about gun control is taking focus away from Crazy People Control!

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Someone should tell NY, CO and MD!