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Sean over at An NC Gun Blog has been maintaining a list that is growing daily.

I'll let him tell you about it in his own words:

"I’ll be using this page to keep track of the companies that join the boycott of anti-gun states such as New York, along with links to the press releases. Remember, it’s called the New York Boycott, but it applies to all states that have anti-gun laws. The minimum standard to be included is a pledge not to sell anything to a State or local government agency that can’t be sold to a resident of that state or locality."

"Don’t see your favorite company here? Email them, call them, hit their Facebook pages. Don’t let up. I could call each one personally, but it wouldn’t have the impact of your thousands of calls. Take ownership of this. The Second Amendment belongs to all of us. One rock falling down a hill is unpleasant if it hits you. Ten thousand rocks falling downhill will wipe out anything they hit."

Last time I looked there was ten or eleven on the list. Now there is over a hundred!

I have been sending polite, professional notes and even though in many cases I do not hear back directly, they soon magically appear on the list.

I also make sure when I make purchases I thank them for their support.

--Enough rain drops and you have an ocean.

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