Kids and Bad Mothers

A bunch of Moms marched on Washington again to demand that the Government keep their children safe from "Gun Violence".

I swear these women hate their children.

They want to keep their children ignorant so if they even encounter a real gun they will not be able to tell if it's a toy or a real gun and increasing the likelihood of accidents.

They hate their children so much they don't want them to have safety training.

They hate them so much they want them to be unable to defend themselves against villains.

These Moms hate them so much they want them to live under the threat of tyranny in a police state where only the police and military have guns. Did they ever see Schindler's List?

They don't hate guns. They still want them to be a simple 911 phone call away.

They probably don't teach their kids to swim either.

--Wake up. A good mother will make sure their children have firearms training. 


Anonymous said...

Stupid cows.

gun store ga said...

If my kid likes to learn how to handle and shoot a gun safely then I will definitely send him/her to training. But if my kid doesn't like to, I will still send him/her to training. Yes, I agree that kids should know how to handle and shoot a gun safely to be able to defend themselves and also to learn how to hunt. Not that you're gonna give them high-powered guns once they learn how to shoot but it's just for preparation. Teaching your kids right while they are young, and you'll end up with kids who are responsible and who are good shots.

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