Suppressed SBR AR-15, EOTech plus 3x (source unknown)
While we are talking about women with guns at work (Lots of female shooters there) we were discussing the various kinds of pics that are out there and they fall into categories.
  1. Real shooters. This is my favorite category. Women that are actual shooters and it shows.
  2. Actress Pretenders. These are the ones that are trying to look fierce but you can just tell they have never shot a gun ever.
  3. Porn with Guns. Sorry guys, do your own Google image searches!
  4. Models with Guns. This is where you can usually find the barrel lickers. Sheesh.
  5. Women in the Military. I like this category too. Professionals of all kinds.
--What other categories would you add?


Anonymous said...

What about: Feinsteins

Stupid antis holding guns.

Chaplain Tim said...

First-timers? The pictures of the sh#t-eating grin after finding out that guns aren't evil or magical. They're actually a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

That picture is from christinathefett tumble and instagram