Notice the Chain

Since I started posting the Women with Guns series I have been sent this pic on multiple occasions.

I wasn't going to post this one because the stance is sooo bad. That limbo thing drives me crazy. This one is so bad, if you look close, there is a hand reaching in holding her up.

Good things in this one.
  • Muzzle flash is great
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Attractive girl
  • Full auto
  • The Chain
That chain is very interesting. I imagine that it keeps muzzle control much better. It has to stop the recoil rise.

--Lean into it, not from it!


ZerCool said...

(I have a suspicion she's under the age of consent; attractiveness becomes moot.)

The lean like that is not enough arm strength - she's got her front elbow braced into her body and is holding the gun directly over her center of mass so she can remain balanced.

Right thumb is WAY too close to the charge handle; bigger hands would get a broken thumb.

Plus one for the ready hand, and I actually like the chain; not even for muzzle rise but to keep a new shooter's muzzle downrange. We've all had the new shooter take one shot and turn around for immediate approval; I've always kept a hand right behind the shoulder for just that reason.

Anonymous said...

A hot piece of brass down the front of your shirt can ruin your day. I'd hate to think of taking one down the front of the shorts...

Chris said...

I would bet that with the chain like it is, that is somewhere in Europe. I have heard that is fairly standard over there.