Might Be Fun

Keep the pics coming! Among the pile of AR15 pics this week was this bad boy!

A friend sent this photo and it looks really interesting. I have never handled one or even seen one in person but an over under short shotgun could be really fun to shoot. It is worthy to note that Short Shotguns Stamps are only $5 for the ATF. 

--Joe "Shotgun" Biden Approved.


Steve said...

It could double as a club, too.

Bubblehead Les. said...

It's just WRONG to do that to a Shotgun.

And yet, it's still so cool....

perlhaqr said...

Hello, Nurse! That's a pretty looking piece of kit.

Horribly impractical, but so's my motorcycle. :)

Anonymous said...

Might be a $5 tax stamp if it lists "Any Other Weaspon", but most
likely it would require a $200
Short Barreled Shotgun stamp.

The difference is between shotguns that had a stock at one time, and
those that went out of the factory as
bare actions and were made directly into AOWs.